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Messung der Glassweite

Messung der Glassweite

In order to produce high quality of float glass and to reduce the reject rate it is very important to control the glass width.Our measurement system enables you to measure the glass width between exit end and recooling chamber.Due to the extreme temperature in this area you are forced to use special cameras with permanent water cooling.

The SVA system enables you to measure the width of the glass in a range between 3200mm and 5200mm.The range can be adjusted by changing the position of the cameras and changing the parameters in the control unit.The precision depends on the measuring range of the cameras (in the case mentioned above it is +/- 5mm).The speed of the Glass has no effect on the measuring result.The construction of our system is imaged above. The two cameras are connected with each user through a control unit. This control unit transfers the signal from the cameras into the dimension figure and calculates the width of the glass this way.This transfered signal is send to the control room and imaged on the monitor. The system will be programmed by an operating device throw an easy monitor menu. The RS 232C out can be used for executing the alarm and the control signal.

  • This equipment can be used between exit end and recooling chamber


  • Ambient temperature: 800°C max
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Pressure of the air for cabel cooling: 4 bar
  • Water consumption: 300 l/h


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